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Along the Road


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We offer seasonal baskets of fruit, eggs and vegetables. Started from non-gmo seeds in our cold frame, we tend the plants from seedlings to maturity. In lieu of chemicals, we hoe weeds in the field and hand-pick worms off the plants to feed to our chickens. The result? More protein for the chickens, delicious eggs and clean fruit and vegetables for you!



Welcome to our Civetta Farm site, we hope you visit often as we seek to discover the best wine, local food, organic practices, farm-minded individuals and fun goings-on in and along the Central Coast of California. After purchasing our Paso Robles property in 2012, we decided to work with our land and grow our plants without pesticides and chemicals; through the diligent use of compost teas, companion planting and organic fertilizer, our heirloom vegetable varieties have flourished. It is our vision to continue to learn healthy practices for stress-free living and impart these elements along to you, our readers. Whether it's sharing the fine points of a Cabernet, the habits of hawks, or a farmer's market find, Civetta Farm is developing its resources and spreading its wings to envelope wellness. Cheers! Give us a look and like on Facebook too!