“What is a weed?
A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi there! I’m Mary and as a native Southern Californian, I traded my flip flops for cowgirl boots when we moved north to the rural outskirts of the beautiful Central Coast.

We share our Civetta hobby farm with Red-tail Hawks, American Kestrels, Barn Owls, song birds, coyotes, snakes, worms and more. The natural animals set the work flow on our property which is fundamental in sustaining the health of the land. For example, Barn Owls help to keep the rodent population down and the worms also do their large part. In our worm bin, these wiggly creatures eat up our kitchen scraps to produce casings, which in turn are used to produce a rich vermicompost tea that we use as fertilizer for our fruits and vegetables.

Saving heirloom seeds is vital for our annual vegetable harvest. Tomatoes, melons, herbs, lettuce and corn are just a few crops that we nurture here. I’m accomplishing my objective by developing sauces, cheeses, breads and vegetable mixes from the sun-ripened produce and various forms of natural yeast that comprise this lavish land.

Because we don’t use chemicals for pest control and fertilizer, we have many “volunteer” plants that arise each year such as our poppies, which exponentially dot the land every spring and summer. They drop their seeds onto the ground, waiting like burrowed frogs to leap forth from the rain. 

Developing flavors is my passion and the Central Coast of California has an abundance of richness and wholesome gusto in food stuffs and wines. I developed this site to share the savory-sweet and my natural, culinarily created recipes from the beautiful micro-climate I call home. Visit our “Let’s Connect” page to see how you can join me on this gardening and culinary journey.

Naturally Speaking

At Civetta Farm, our meals flow from farm to table. Seasonal crops prescribe the creativity in the kitchen and our free-range chickens not only provide scrumptious eggs, but they aerate and enrich our cherished soil. Every morning my 200 year old starter bubbles and begs for baking; sourdough breads, tortillas and pies are just a few staples we punch out.

We also visit local farmer’s markets and farms. Here on the Civetta Farm site, you will find a myriad of recipes that we have created from our region and we will feed you brand-new recipes each week!